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The Dashboard offers several different, standard layouts that allow for different sized maps and dashlets, along with different placement of your available dashlets. No matter which layout is selected, the feature to move the dashlets is always available - just click and drag a dashlet from one place to another. To change the layout select one of the available options in the drop-down menu.

Select your layout from the Dashboard side panel in the upper left side of your dashboard. You may need to click the arrow to expand the panel.

Select your layout and click Save.
(’Wide’ refers to the number of columns - ie., 3 wide means 3 columns)

Your dashboard now has 3 columns.

After selecting the layout, the individual settings of each dashlet can be changed by selecting the ‘pencil’ (edit) icon on the top right of each dashlet. After editing the options, click ‘Apply’ to close the edit menu.

There is a limit to how many dashlets will fit on your dashboard. Reducing the height of a map will allow you to fit more maps and other dashlets.

Note: Keep in mind that because each dashlet is updated at regular intervals, having a high number of dashlets may cause your web browser or computer to slow down.

Manage the dashboard from the Dashboard panel. If the Dashboard layout is not saved, all settings will be lost after logging out.

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