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Mapping Speed Activity

Knowing who is speeding isn’t always enough unless you can put it in context.

We have added capabilities to our Speeding Violation Report allowing you to map speeding activity, grouped by vehicle, date, or speed, and generally give you more insight into your vehicles’ speeding activity and whereabouts.

Run the speeding report from the GPS Insight bar. Note that you can change the vehicle group, the range of dates, the speed threshold, and how you want the data grouped (by vehicle, speed, date, or number of miles per hour over the threshold):

This yields a report such as this:

You can map these speed violations in either of our enhanced map styles: Google Earth or Google Maps.

Here are 2 examples of that data within Google Maps:

And pulling the same data into Google Earth is helpful when dealing with huge amounts of data (e.g. speeding across hundreds of thousands of vehicles):

A customer once asked us how his loaded trash vehicle which was throttled to 65 could have been doing over 75 – we explained that the speed data comes straight from the engine’s computer and is highly accurate.

Then we plotted the vehicle’s 3 speed violations over 3 days and every time it was coming down off of the same hill. Basically he was putting it in neutral and letting gravity pull him well in excess of the speed limit.

Here is a good picture of that type of intuition which you can gain from using GPS Insight and the 3D map representation of your speed data:

Just click on the “map in” buttons to choose which map to use after running a Speed Report. We have similar functionality for odd-hours reports, activity detail reports, and more, as is useful to our customers.

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