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New “Hide Vehicle” Functionality

Another newly added function provides a good measure of privacy for designated vehicles. A selected vehicle can be hidden on maps and reports that show location data while the vehicle’s other data still shows up (e.g. speeding, idling, begin/end of day, odd-hours activity, trips & stops, etc.).

This functionality allows for the convenience of GPS Tracking to drive odometer readings and exception alerting/reporting, but prevents unauthorized users from seeing the location of the vehicle itself. Such vehicles might include Mayors, Law Enforcement Agents, District Attorneys, and other types of applications where the vehicle’s location may be “sensitive” but the benefits of GPS are still desirable.

Select “Hide Location” on the GPS Insight Edit Vehicle Details page for the particular vehicle and save the setting.

The Dashboard Location and Map Dashlets previously showed the vehicles location, but do not after the change.



The screenshots below show how a few reports are affected by the change.

Speed Violations Report - Before hiding vehicle location

Speed Violations Report - After hiding vehicle location

Odd Hours Report - Before hiding vehicle location

Odd Hours Report - After hiding vehicle location

Activity Detail Report - Before hiding vehicle location

Activity Detail Report - After hiding vehicle location

Summary reports, such as the Idle Time Report, that do not include specific location information do not change when a vehicle’s location is hidden:

As always, GPS Insight remains highly configurable when it comes to vehicle and function permissions for each user. This style of permission allows a vehicle to be “viewed” by a user, but obscures its actual whereabouts, even in the reports which might otherwise show the location itself.

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