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Quantify IRS Taxable Mileage

We added some functionality to our product to help a customer with a recent IRS reality:

Personal usage of take-home vehicles is taxable as income.

Now it’s pretty easy to quantify just how much of that usage is taxable using GPS Insight.

We have a new way to choose which hours of the day for several reports, to include the drive time summary (down to 5 minute levels):

So when you run a month-long report with the default (00:00 through 00:00), which is what we used to allow (just a full day, not just certain hours of the day), you would get this:

Now run it for JUST personal hours (this would vary based on your company’s schedule of course):

The options allow you to specify the time “band” (e.g. 7PM until 5AM in this case) as well as whether to include or exclude trips which happen only partially within that time. Also, you can apply this to EVERY day or just the start/ending days by clicking “Apply Each Day.”

We will soon have a 3rd “split trips” option which literally split activity in half at the exact time you specify — e.g. if you say 19:00 and a trip starts at 18:00 and ends at 21:00, it will only report 2, not 3 hours & the mileage of those 2 hours.

Additionally, there will be weekend support as well, which will help quantify personal usage (although we already do this in our odd-hours/weekends report.

Here is the result of that particular “personal hours” report:

The personal usage miles, based on the 7PM-5AM filter are 29,074 for May, 15% of total miles driven.

A) you may want to curb this usage, since it’s costing your company money for fuel & wear and tear

B) you need to report this as income if it fits the IRS’s definition, and avoid putting your employees in a bad position of owing taxes if/when you/they are audited.

The IRS just announced an audit of all State of California take-home vehicles, reported by Government Fleet Magazine:

Here is the link to that article.

Be prepared! Start quantifying your vehicle usage. Also, know that GPS Insight stores 3-5 years of your data, so an 18 month audit will take you no time at all to complete. Good luck with most other GPS providers which only give you 3-6 months of data. If you want that data, they will usually charge you thousands of dollars for archived data requests. Not us though…

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