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GPS Insight keeps your email in a specially encoded format for you automatically to ensure that we are able to properly handle any automated emails which are sent. This includes alert notifications, scheduled reports, newsletters, etc.

This email address looks something like this:

ncs+myemail_at_mydomain.com@crm.gpsinsight.com which would be the equivalent of myemail@mydomain.com

By keeping your email in this format, we ensure that they always are sent via our email servers which allow us to do the following:

  • Ensure maintenance reminders and Problem summary emails are delayed until the morning hours, so our blackberry customers are not woken up every few nights
  • Ensure that our technical support numbers are prominently and accurately displayed depending on your account and location
  • Ensure that we have a copy of any reports kept locally for reference if you ever need to discuss something with our technical support representatives

You may ALSO bypass this email filtering by entering your own email address and replacing your “internal” email address at any time for scheduled reports. However, if you need to change your administrative email address, we recommend that you keep this format, and replace the “myemail_at_mydomain.com” portion with “mynewemail_at_mynewdomain.com” and leave the leading/trailing “ncs+” and “@crm.gpsinsight.com” intact.

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