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Assign drivers (current or historically) to vehicles and report on drivers, not just vehicles

Since many customers have drivers who use different vehicles, we have added DRIVERS to GPS Insight. This has the following benefits:

  • Driver-centric reports (e.g. idling/speeding/odd-hours by driver, not by vehicle)
  • Administrative control of which drivers are assigned to which vehicles
  • Historical accountability for which vehicle was driven by which driver (e.g. for parking tickets, toll violations)

Any activity performed by that vehicle during the time that driver was assigned will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Maps will have driver information available, and alerts/messages will have the appropriate driver’s contact information as an override to the default vehicle information (e.g. email address & cell phone number for SMS). (see Drivers Are Now Shown in Most Utilized Reports)

Create a Driver (and Assign to Driver Groups)

Go to Account > Admin: Manage Drivers > Open:


Click Create New Driver > Complete the form and click Create Driver:


The driver will be added to the Driver List. You can also add the driver to a Driver Group(s):


Adding a Supervisors group with 3 members:

Assign the Driver to a Vehicle

Click on the Vehicles tab at the top of the screen. Find the vehicle you want to assign the driver to and click in the Driver column. (This is also how you change the driver assigned to a vehicle.)

Select the driver (or create a new one “on the fly”) and click Select Driver:

Select a “start” time for the driver-to-vehicle association (Default (which includes all past trips), Current, or By Date). If you assign the driver By Date you will have a choice of recent days and trips to choose from:

You can allow them to stay assigned or end their assignment at a specific recent vehicle stop. Click Finish Assignment to complete the assignment.

Note: The Driver History for a vehicle is found on the Edit Vehicle Details page (click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the vehicle in the Vehicle List).

Now the driver association will be appear in relevant maps, reports, and alerts:

Driver-centric reports, mapping, and alert functionality will be added continually to the GPS Insight product to make use of this driver-to-vehicle mapping capability.

Here is an example for a day where 4 different drivers used our company car (Scion):

  • Trent drives to work
  • Elliot drives to a customer site with a salesperson (Jason)
  • Elliot drives to his house to pick up his vehicle
  • Jason drives back to work
  • Trent takes the Scion home

We entered the appropriate driver assignments and here are some screens/reports which reflect these associations:

An idle report (which conveniently breaks out idling/stops/mileage/etc. by driver, by day):

The driver activity is shown (in order) on the Activity Detail report:

Historical mapping of the driver information:

Edit Driver Information

To edit Driver information go to the Drivers tab. In the Driver List click on the field you want to edit and make the appropriate changes.

Or you can click the Edit/pencil icon to the right of the driver.

Make the changes and click Update Driver.

More driver-specific functionality and capabilities will be added to GPS Insight and we welcome customer input and requests.

For more information on this new feature please feel free to call us at 866-477-4321, option 2 (for support).

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