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Garmin Message Notifications

Earlier today I was showing how to send messages to multiple vehicles’ Garmin devices to a partner company.

I sent a couple vehicles (our employees) “This is a test, disregard please.”

Then an hour or so later I was composing an email when my browser screen went dim, behind my email, which got my attention:

So I went to that window and saw the notification that I had a new inbound Garmin message (from Ray, telling me he “Rec’d” the test message):

Once I click “OK” the screen lights up again. It is still easy to see which message is new, since it’s highlighted in pink:

Clicking it once clears its color so it doesn’t stand out any longer:

And if you prefer that we NOT behave this way to notify you whenever we detect an inbound message, all you need to do is clear that option in the properties of the Garmin dashlet:

This is an option which we introduced some time ago, but since we rarely dispatch or communicate with our own employees (since we’re not really a fleet-oriented company like our customers) it’s rare that I see this capability do its thing, which is why I thought I would show how it works for you.

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