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This applies only to GPS Insight devices that have been shipped/equipped with the Garmin Integration script. For further information on whether a device is Garmin enabled, please contact GPS Insight Support (support@gpsinsight.com or 866-477-4321).

A vehicle should be automatically configured to work with the Garmin feature when we see Garmin communication start coming from it. To access Garmin functionality, return to the main account screen and select ‘Custom’ → ‘Garmin’.

Note 1: Only Garmins compatible with v2 or higher of FMI will work with GPS Insight’s Garmin Integration. For a list of compatible units, please check the Supported Products page for models that support version 2 or higher of Fleet Management Interface (FMI).

Note 2: The Garmin will not function properly unless it has had its firmware updated. To update the Garmin’s firmware, proceed to the Garmin WebUpdater page and follow the instructions given.

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