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(Note: To create or manage vehicle groups you must have Vehicle Admin access.)

1. On the GPS Insight bar go to AccountAdminVehicle Administration and click Open.

(Note: If Vehicles is not listed on your bar as shown above then you do not have Vehicle Admin access. Contact the Account Administrator within your company to get access.)

The Vehicle List shows all of your registered vehicles. The Vehicle Group List shows all of your vehicle groups.

2. Click Vehicle Group at the bottom of the Vehicle Group List.

3. Name the Vehicle Group and click Create Group.

4. Add vehicles to the group. Click on a vehicle(s) listed on the right and click the Add button. Once you’ve added all the vehicles you want in that group, click Save Changes.

(Note: You can remove a vehicle from the group by clicking on it and clicking remove.)

5. Select Users you want to allow access to the vehicle group. Click on Users listed on the right and click Add. Save Changes when you’re finished.

Your vehicle group is now listed in the Vehicle Group List.

To change the vehicle group name, click on the name.

You can modify the groups a vehicle is in on the Vehicle List.

1. Click on the groups icon next to the vehicle in the Vehicle List.

2. Add or remove groups the vehicle is in. Save Changes.

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