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New Fleet Utilization Report

This new report allows you to view the following for up to a month for your fleet:

  • Miles
  • Hours driven
  • Trips
  • Days of use

Now you can easily see in seconds (or less than a second, realistically):

  • Which vehicles are being over-used
  • Which vehicles are being under-used
  • How many miles/Trips/Hours/Days of use per month

Here is how you run it under Reports→Activity→Fleet Use:

Here is what the summary looks like (without the “daily” option checked):

If you want to see a “matrix” of vehicle utilization by day, you can click the “daily” box, and see 4 distinct matrices — one for each of the 4 categories of utilization, and columns for each day chosen:

It is important to note that we have run this report for fleets of 1000 vehicles for an entire month, in less than 30 seconds.

Most competitors’ reports time out and fail when you try to run this much data at once. This is around 2.5 million miles worth of data for 1000 trucks for a month, in around 25 seconds, which amounts to 100,000 miles per second which we can process for you and your company.

And this report is just one of the 35 or so we offer.

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