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Customer Testimonials

"There is no way a company like ours can't afford to not own your solution with this functionality!!!"
- Evan Ahern, Ahern Rentals

"I had to go to one of the Palaces’ in Saudi Arabia for some air conditioning consulting. Being on the opposite side of the world, I did not think I could see what my vehicles were doing, but GPS Insight made it quite easy to do that. Thanks guys! It is a remarkable tool that is helping us keep our vehicle costs under control, even on the opposite side of the globe."
- William Smith, W.R. Smith, Inc.

“I would like to personally say thank you to GPS Insight for the quality product and service that is constantly provided to Wellcare. There is no other company that comes close to GPS Insight. I look forward to continuing our relationship with GPS Insight for years to come!!"
- Alex Valdes, WellCare Health Plans, Inc.

“My company chose GPS Fleet Tracking from GPS Insight because we knew they were striving to achieve greatness in all facets of their industry. After speaking with several people in their company we were sure that GPS Insight wanted to be the best and had plans in place to make this a reality. Technology is a constant evolutionary process and we felt GPS Insight was staying ahead of the curve. They react and change quickly to meet customer needs both in the present and the future. I felt their customizable Dashboards were better than anything else I looked at. The integration with Google Earth was seamless and caused no issues, unlike other products we tested. GPS Insight has a top notch customer service department that handled any questions and concerns in a timely manner. This is a major requirement for my company. If something needed to be addressed they need to show us that the issue would be handled immediately. This is where GPS Insight stood out amongst the crowd yet again."
- Shawn Huff, Wright Tree Service

“GPS Insight allows us to use our existing hardware as well as new devices, and provides unlimited reporting history, multiple mapping options, a highly customizable dashboard interface, remote diagnostics, Garmin integration, and a hierarchy for administration and reporting which is invaluable for large fleets such as ours. We are also very pleased with their responsiveness and ability to customize their platform to meet our exact needs while concurrently delivering superior Return on Investment."
- Claton Chandler, Oklahoma State Fleet Manager

"You will not find a more customer-oriented, tech-savvy leader in the GPS Fleet Tracking industry. GPS Insight knows its customers have a choice and they go the extra mile to meet the customers needs. Program enhancements - no problem; technical support - instantaneous; service after the sale - it just does not get any better."
- Claton Chandler, Oklahoma State Fleet Manager

"We knew what we were looking for in a system and what we needed out of it on a long term basis. Many systems out there had a few things we needed but not nearly as many features and possibilities as your system offered. The amount of data collection, diagnostic capabilities, mapping, routing and the vast amount of reporting options to name a few, were big winners for us."
- Kenny Harvey, Kennecott Mining

"The first week we installed GPS Insight, we caught three separate technicians inflating their field reports. The average number of hours paid for each of our technicians decreased approximately 8% starting immediately after GPS Insight was installed. However, work performed by the same technicians actually increased since they were forced to be accountable for each minute of their day."
- Dan Zaharoni, Cal Building & Maintenance Industries

"We have had GPS Insight for about a year now. We are very happy with the way the program works and the savings that it has brought to our company. Also the tech support has been very very helpful and the small amount of issues that we have had, they were resolved very quickly. Thanks so much you guys!"
- William Smith, W.R. Smith, Inc.

"Using GPS Insight, we reduced our fuel consumption by 45% and miles driven by 22% in just 4 months - Thanks!"
- Keith Leech, City of Sacramento, CA

"We have had GPS Insight for over a year now, and it works great. In our System Control center, we use it to monitor our transmission crews. In the event of a system emergency, we can dispatch our crew that is the closest to the problem, and in a medical emergency, we can get coordinates and/or directions for emergency personnel to get to them. Our Fleet Manager uses the system to monitor the fuel usage on our fleet vehicles. We really like the way it incorporates with Google Earth. Our transmission system (lines, subs, towers) shows up on Google Earth, via a file with all of our coordinates. Their customer support is very good - you actually talk to a person. Overall we are very pleased with the system and with GPS Insight's sales and service."
- System Control Coordinator, A Major Electric Generation & Transmission Cooperative

"The new feature I added to my mobile device (mobile mapping) works great and I use it every day my men are out there using their trucks."
- Rob Paton, Rob Paton Landscaping, Inc.

"Thanks again for the great service."
- Leonard Lovato, Comverge, Inc.

"Having GPS Insight has helped us cut down our collection issues. Even if the customer disputes the charge, once turned over to collections, it doesn't stand up when we copy our GPS records to them. It has been valuable to us on several occasions. By all means, share this information with others."
- Sheila Hylton, Dayton's Pest Control

"I would really like to thank GPS Insight for having an outstanding product that makes every General Manager sleep a little easier at night. We recently had one of our Project Managers company truck stolen and with the help of the GPS Insight tracking device, we were able to track the vehicle to where it was dumped off and were also able to provide valuable information to the authorities to aid them in their investigation. Thank you for your continued support, I feel as if we didn't just purchase a product, we've developed a successful partnership."
- Robert Rodriguez, Interior Solutions

"We really like GPS Insight, it has helped us immensely. We want all the bells and whistles! Installation of the equipment was a snap! As we add to our fleet, we will add units for sure."
- John E. Miller, WesTex Document, Inc.

"A big Hearty Thanks for your support and your GPS tools in helping us solve the problems that we have encountered with our newly acquired fleet. It is so comforting knowing that we actually KNOW where and when our fleet is. On top of that, we have saved many employee hours that were previously being paid for time worked. Now that we have GPS Insight on our team, we have cut down our payroll to actual time worked."
- Gary Bryce, Gryphon Companies

"I think your system is the future for Fleet tracking "
- Riley Aguilar, All Star Companies

"I'm working on integrating our trucks' GPS data with our MapView program. GPS Insight provides some interfaces to grab online GPS positions of our trucks via web services, but I found another type of interface that will be more convenient for me. I asked them if it's possible to create a new one for us. A few hours later, I received an email saying that the new interface will available in 30-45 minutes. They created those services for us just that quickly. I'm very impressed with their response - this probably is the quickest and most honest response from a vendor I have ever had. They just make my day, after frustrating conversations with some other companies."
- Jacek Szamrej, Vermont Electric Coop

"Damn trackers are a miracle worker! I don't know how people can live without these things."
- Charlie Douglas, Bantam Trucking

"I just wanted to thank the GPS Insight group for the wonderful service and products you have brought to our company. We absolutely LOVE the software you offer on the website, its ease of use and understanding, and the great customer service we get when we call with questions or concerns. The units went in with little or no trouble and were up-and-running in less than a day. We are now able to track locations of service techs in the Las Vegas area and eliminate lost man hours from dispatching units from one side of the city to the other. We are also very impressed with the on-time vehicle alerts that your service offers. Vehicle maintenance has become streamlined and service inspections and hazardous vehicle reports have helped to eliminate potential accidents that could cost us time and money. On behalf of the service department at Commercial Roofers, Inc., we would like to say thank you for your wonderful service, and we will be telling everyone about you for years to come."
- Stephen Penhall, Commercial Roofers

"I am so thankful for GPS Insight and this amazing system. I have shown a few of my peers it's capabilities and the response is the same, I must have it. Tech support has also been awesome. Thanks again for an absolutely amazing product. PS. It's pretty empowering knowing where your crews are!!"
- Eddie, Lawncut Landscape

"We are very happy with the system. Your tech support is awesome!"
- John, Goldenaire

"Wow, perfectly designed tools make the difference. I feel if you're working in the field you need the best equipment and tools, or if working with the vehicles to make business happen, the best tool is the right one. This is the precision we need for the future of our company and what we knew that we could get from GPS. It's about time that this great product came along in this industry, and it can give m.p.g., and tell me if the engine spurs a code. I appreciate what is irreplaceable power to look at a satellite picture of the earth / where work areas are actually identified on the map as buildings or a graded land site to really know and intuitively guide what is happening for my business' success."
- Manager, Southeast Fleet

"Sweet Mother, you guys are fast!"
- Zach Spengler, Steeler Inc.

"This is a fantastic management tool - from what I can see it is pretty intuitive."
- Robert Close, Hi-Tech Sound

"I have been telling friends about GPS Insight and they are all amazed!"
- Jim, Westside Furniture

"I spoke with the owner of the repair shop and he couldn't believe his employees were driving my vehicle for personal use. I showed him the activity reports to back up the evidence. He did not charge me for any of the repair work!"
- Jamie, Arrowhead Armored

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